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All Rentals come with lifejackets, safety kit and everything else you need to use. 

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Professional delivery to Edmonton AB and surrounding areas. Please submit a quote or contact us if you want to make sure we service your area.

Paddle boarding has become super popular, and one reason is that the boards are easier to store and transport than most canoes and kayaks are. Since Canada is a paddler’s paradise with all its lakes and rivers, paddle boarding is a great way to spend a casual day on the water or to explore deep into our vast and magnificent wilderness.

Now it’s easier than ever before because instead of buying and storing all your own equipment, you can rent everything you need and get all the benefits without any of the hassles of storage and upkeep. Whether it’s a rental for a day, a week, a month, or something else specific, we’ve got what you need.

Choose Your Board

We have a wide selection of sizes and styles in the following categories:

  • Individual boards

  • Family boards that can accommodate more than one person

  • Children’s boards

For added choice, we also carry both inflatable boards and solid boards (made from plastic or fiberglass). Inflatables offer great convenience because they’re easy to stow and transport, and they are more durable than ever these days. Solid boards can handle rougher conditions, especially if you might be paddling on whitewater, and they can offer better stability, but they’re of course a little harder to transport and carry.

All rentals include life jackets and paddles if you need them, and we have many other accessories available (helmets, water shoes, nose plugs, etc.).

Reserve Ahead of Time for Peace of Mind

It’s a real letdown to show up all excited for a paddle boarding adventure only to find that what you want isn’t available.

We’ve made it really easy to avoid that. Right here on our site, you can select and reserve the exact board(s) you’ll be needing, and the farther in advance you reserve, the better your chances of getting your first choice are.

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